Evan Fournier proposed to a big cador!

Arrived at the Knicks last summer, Evan Fournier has not had the best of seasons in the Big Apple. Count on the Frenchman to fix all that next year, at least if he stays in the squad. A journalist claims that the rear was offered to a cador, even if the deal is technically complicated.

After a relatively difficult season with the Knicks, Evan Fournier is ready for a rematch. The Frenchman can obviously play better, but the problem was above all collective in New York. We imagine that the players are motivated by the idea of ​​rectifying the situation, even if the front office will go through it in the meantime. Multiple movements are expected for the summer, with a Fournier who is perhaps concerned by all this.

Evan Fournier on the departure of the Knicks?

With a hefty salary and criticism pouring in on his performance, Evan can technically be traded during the summer. It remains to find a suitor, which is not necessarily obvious according to recent rumors. According to journalist John Gambadoro, New York therefore had to offer the Frenchman to a title contender recently: the Celtics. Does the franchise want Evan back? We can doubt it.

The Knicks offered Evan Fournier’s contract thanks to the exception Boston has in order to free up cap space to sign Jalen Brunson.

Concretely, and with their exception of a little less than 18 million dollars, the Celtics have the authorization to set up a trade, to welcome a player with a salary of this value. Fournier is therefore an ideal candidate, but it must be remembered that if Boston has this exception, it is precisely thanks to the Frenchman. Last summer, he landed at the Knicks in sign-and-trade, which allows the Celtics a lot of leeway.

This is obviously great news, at least if the information is true. It’s a sign first of all that New York wants to free up wages, likely to sign a Jalen Brunson this summer. This explains the multiple trades of the draft, but it does not mean that the front office will achieve its ends, especially given the competition. Evan must in any case prepare for all scenarios, even if it is not he who controls his future at the present time.

It must be said that after the recent movements, the Knicks may want to hit hard on the trade market. Kyrie Irving? It’s not impossible, since the point guard is about to leave the Nets. Besides, the latest trend is known, and we can be sure that New York will be mentioned as a destination. If so, Evan may be involved, after just one season under Tom Thibodeau.

Evan Fournier haggled? It’s clear that the Frenchman’s name is mentioned in a few threads, but are they serious? Hard to know. The person concerned is preparing in any case for the new season, with the firm intention of returning to form, whether in the jersey of New York, or another.

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