Evan Fournier: « I respect him, but he’s lying there »

Always very active on social networks, Evan Fournier recently set fire to the Joel Embiid file in the France team. He took the opportunity to speak on the statement of a former NBA player, who had the gift of shocking a few people. For the French, no doubt, this is a good lie.

In the middle of the playoffs, Evan Fournier continues to interact with his fans on social networks, as recently in relaunching the Joel Embiid file, who hopes to join the French basketball team soon. Lately, it’s another statement that has had the gift of surprising a lot of people on social networks, that of Shane Larkin, passed by New York or Boston in the past:

To be here, to see this fervor, this atmosphere, to do all that I have been able to accomplish here. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. Even if I could come back to the NBA and sign a max contract, I would prefer to choose that.

The controversial statement of a former NBA

Larkin, who only stayed a few years in the NBA, for barely 5 points on average, therefore prefers the game across the Atlantic rather than the NBA. If the difference is major in terms of the atmosphere, we can have some doubts when he mentions the max contract. We are talking about astronomical sums, which can change the lives of many people. Evan Fournier does not take this “lie”.

Respect to him and his career but that’s a lie 🧢 lol

Nando De Colo is better than him in any case

Shane Larkin convinces no one with his explanation: he would be the first to accept a big NBA contract, but he never had the chance. And if some players want to discover this wonderful atmosphere on a court in Europe, everything is possible at the end of their career: a choice that Larkin unfortunately does not have.

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