Evan Fournier gives a big rant before the final against Team USA!

Highly visible since the start of the Olympic tournament, Evan Fournier will land in the final against the United States with a knife between his teeth. He has already shown himself very recovered at a press conference, because of one of the specificities of this meeting.

Certainly, Vincent Collet has several offensive weapons of choice in his rotation, which can potentially take turns to ensure the team’s mark. However, the main attacking leader of the Blues remains undoubtedly Evan Fournier. Evidenced by the averages of the French rear since the entry into contention against the United States, which peak at 19.2 points, 47.9% shooting and 41.7% at 3 points.

The new Knicks player had also particularly shone against Team USA with 28 points scored against the team of Kevin Durant. His teammates obviously hope to see him deliver a similar performance on the night of Friday to Saturday, to get Olympic gold. However, he risks disembarking chafouin on the floor of the Saitama Super Arena, because of… the schedule of this match. The team report his NSFW comments on the subject.

This is big shit. It’s disturbing, knowing that the Americans are five minutes from the room, and us one hour in the village.

Scheduled at 11:30 am local time (4:30 am French time), the in-between will indeed be rather early for players accustomed to NBA programming, and therefore to afternoon or even evening games.

Fournier and his partners should therefore not deplore a failure of the alarm clock, under penalty of finding themselves quickly left behind in the score. Aware that this choice of the organization results from the requirements of the official broadcaster of the Olympics, NBC, the native of Saint-Maurice finally managed to put things into perspective.

It’s less annoying than playing at 10 o’clock.

In addition to the pace of the 24 players, that of the coaching staff of the two teams will also be impacted. Vincent Collet knows it, and quickly had to look into the planning of his group on Saturday morning.

Getting up at 7 a.m. gives you a little more time. We will think about how we want to organize ourselves, we will talk to the players. The priority is to recover, so that this match against Slovenia does not leave traces.

Finally, in his characteristic style, and in his role of captain responsible for keeping his group involved, Nicolas Batum brushes aside this excuse.

I don’t care about the schedule for this game. We could play at 6 o’clock it would be the same. All I want is to play this game.

Whether at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm or 9:30 pm, Evan Fournier and the French know whatever happens that they will have to release an almost exemplary performance to overcome the American ogre.

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