Evan Fournier and the Knicks, the ugly rumor that runs

Essential in the eyes of Tom Thibodeau last year, Evan Fournier would not necessarily be in the odor of sanctity at the Knicks now. The proof, with the sad scenario mentioned about it in recent hours in the Big Apple!

As the most used player in his team’s five majors last year, he doesn’t at first sight have much to worry about about his image on the spot. Even less knowing that he is coming out of a historic 3-point season, during which he broke the record for award-winning shots scored by a member of his franchise. And yet, Evan Fournier would find himself more than ever under threat at the Knicks.

Big relegation to come for Evan Fournier at the Knicks?

At the end of a delicate Euro on an individual level, Fournier may fear the repercussions this could have in the NBA. All the more in view of the revelations of the New York insider Ian Begley in the columns of SNY :

When the Knicks signed Jalen Brunson, some members of the franchise were concerned about the defensive performance of the backcourt formed by Brunson and Evan Fournier.

Internally, the scenario according to which Quentin Grimes would be put in the starting five as a back, and that Fournier would be relegated to the bench has been mentioned. (…) Based on the fact that Fournier was included in several packages discussed by the Knicks and the Jazz as part of the negotiations around Donovan Mitchell, I imagine that Grimes will start and that Fournier will come off the bench.

A cruel prospect for the French rear, starter in 457 of his 473 games since 2015. This could nevertheless change if he were to be transferred in the coming days, why not via a major trade with 4 teams. However, according to Begley, his leaders have no interest in parting with him:

The idea that the Knicks should trade Evan Fournier doesn’t make any sense to me.

Fournier set the franchise record for 3-point shooting last season. I imagine he therefore met or even exceeded the expectations set by the Knicks when they signed him for 4 years and $73 million in the summer of 2021. So, I don’t know why New York would be in a hurry to get rid of it. The Knicks need shooting, and trader Fournier would take away a profile like that.

The question therefore arises of his reaction to the potential loss of his place in Tom Thibodeau’s starting lineup. Not really informed on this point, Begley nevertheless lets go of a first trend:

I don’t think he would mind, but I have no information on that.

Like his time at the Celtics, will Evan Fournier be ready to take on a role as 6th Man with the Knicks? Knowing his competitive mentality, it will only suit him if the results of the franchise follow!

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