European premiere in the pocket for Paris Basketball –

Big morale boost for the Parisians after the 90-75 victory against Ankara Turk Telecom on the first day of the Eurocup. End of a series of 4 inaugural defeats in Betclic Elite.

Relief on the Paris Basketball side. The men of the capital knew how to react with pride after a completely failed start to the match which drowned them with a maximum of 15 points behind. Performance of the match attributed to Kyle Allman Jr, « clutchissimme » with incredible success in the last quarter (22 points). The Turks, although in good shape at the start of the match, were sunk as the match progressed.

Will Weaver’s men, still deprived of serial dunker Juhann Begarin, have therefore succeeded in their very first outing in the Eurocup and are now keen to unlock the counter in the national league.

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