Euro football: Giorgio Chiellini teases Jordi Alba ahead of penalty shootout

The Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini teased the Spanish Jordi Alba, when the side was chosen for the Italy-Spain shootout (1-1, 4-2 tab).

Two teams, two atmospheres. While the Spanish captain Jordi Alba seemed particularly tense when designating the side choice for the penalties in the Italy-Spain semi-final (1-1, 4-2 tab), the Italian captain Giorgio Chiellini was all smiles and very tactile vis-à-vis its counterpart.

Jordi Alba played it as a bluff …

Especially since after the coin toss, which was not to his advantage since it was the side of the Italian supporters that was won by Chielini, Jordi Alba tried to convince the referees of a supposed error in designating the Spanish side as the one in front of which the penalties should be taken.

… which amused Giorgio Chiellini a lot

A technique that made Giorgio Chiellini laugh. The 36-year-old defender was particularly teasing and tactile with the Spain side after this failed attempt. And even if he didn’t shoot, that may be where the penalty shootout was won for Squadra Azzura.

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