Euro: courage, abngation, patriotism … this Italy is dreaming – football

Valiant and attractive, the Italian team defeated Belgium (2-1) on Friday in the quarter-finals of the Euro. Absent from the last World Cup, Squadra Azzurra is unanimous thanks to the players whose sense of sacrifice is greatly appreciated.

Euro: courage, abn

The Italians achieve a flawless Euro.

32. This is the number of matches without defeat won by the Italian national team after its success over Belgium (2-1) on Friday in the quarter-finals of the Euro. A record for Squadra Azzurra, which is only three games away from the best performance held by Spain and Brazil.

A rather exceptional period for a country bruised by its non-qualification for the World Cup in Russia. But hard work, the Nazionale ended up getting back in the saddle thanks to a constant union that is its strength.

Bonucci and Verratti want to make Italians proud

Beyond all technical and tactical considerations, it is the energy left on the field by the protections of Roberto Mancini that impresses. All behind a single goal, the Italians absolutely want to make their compatriots proud. Once again, we demonstrated our values, our dedication, our desire to suffer, our humility, the heart of Italy. It all happened again this evening. This is the most important satisfaction, it means that we become great. Each day we add something to this adventure, each of us adds something more. The important thing is the group. Yes, my knees hurt but nothing matters in these matches , dropped Leonardo Bonucci after the victory over the Red Devils.

Marco Verratti was also very touched after the meeting. After paying tribute to his friend, Leonardo Spinazzola, seriously injured in the Achilles tendon, the midfielder of Paris Saint-Germain, who has known only disappointments with the Azzurri, expressed his motions. We are moved, yes, it’s fantastic to live there. We’re here game after game. We made a lot of sacrifices. Tonight, we’re going to celebrate, because it’s a great victory against a great team. We hope to give satisfaction to all Italians, but we haven’t done anything yet , however tempered the former player of Pescara, aware that a defeat against Spain, in the semi-finals, is not impossible.

Donnarumma’s dream

For his part, Gianluigi Donnarumma achieves a faultless. Considered as the worthy successor of Gianluigi Buffon, the future goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain hopes for a happy outcome to reward the work of three years. The match never ended. We are an extraordinary group, which never gives up. Now it’s the semi-final, let’s go play it and let’s slowly head towards our goal. I am really moved. This is my first important competition and the goal is to go as far as possible with this jersey. Let’s move forward and hope to make everyone’s dream come true , supported the transalpine porter. A fifth confrontation in four Euro against the Roja who promises to be grandiose London on Tuesday.

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