Euro 2020: Englishwoman gets fired for watching England – Denmark match

Euro 2020: Englishwoman gets fired for watching England - Denmark match

The qualification of England in the final of the Euro did not make that happy among English supporters. For being at the stadium supporting the Three Lions, an employee was fired by her employer.

In order to get permission from her boss to go to the stadium to watch the match between England and Denmark in the framework of the Euro, an employee thought it was great to fake an illness, which allowed her to have permission from his boss. Only that the young woman was filmed during the equalization of the Danish goal by the English. The next day, while she was taking the train for service, she received a phone call from her boss announcing her dismissal. “It’s an exciting time in England for everyone, and if we could, we would have encouraged people to come to the game. Unfortunately, on this occasion, our employee lied, declaring a sick leave to go to the match of July 7 We had no choice but to take the necessary action. As a company, honesty and integrity are values ​​we hold dear, and we do not tolerate that an employee can take advantage of us ”, the boss said in the Daily Mail columns.

For her part, the young lady does not regret her act. On the contrary, it assumes it. “Of course I have some regrets, nobody wants to be fired, but at the same time I would not have liked this feeling of regret to have missed this match. If I had to do it again, I would do it again (…) Football is my life ”, she declared. to Daily Telegraph.

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