Eto’o unpins and hits a supporter at the exit of the stadium

Samuel Eto’o, former legendary striker of Cameroon now president of his federation, hit a man on the forecourt of the 974 stadium after the match between Brazil and South Korea (4-1) at the World Cup .

Samuel Eto’o completely lost his nerve on Monday night. The president of the Cameroonian Football Federation, also a Fifa ambassador, violently attacked a supporter as he left the 974 stadium in Doha where he had attended the round of 16 of the World Cup between Brazil and South Korea ( 4-1). After posing with many people with a broad smile, the former FC Barcelona and Inter Milan striker took a dislike to a man who was filming him with a camera.

Eto’o then asked the man something vehemently before being restrained by several people around him. The supporter then had his camera removed by a person visibly close to Eto’o. It was then that the former striker then kicked the supporter violently in the chest, throwing him to the ground, according to images from a video taken by a journalist from the La Opinion site in Los Angeles.

Eto’o evacuated by his entourage

Asked about the reasons for his bloodshed, Eto’o did not answer and was evacuated from the scene by his entourage. « I didn’t understand what they were saying, said Ricardo López Juárez, a journalist for La Opinión in Los Angeles who witnessed the episode, in an interview with El Larguero. I heard Eto’o exchange words with the fan in an angry tone. He started chasing him uncontrollably. The fan took the camera and that’s where Eto’o makes the mistake. Instead of leaving, he gives a kick. »

Eto’o, legend of African football (he won the title of best player of the year four times), attended all the matches of his selection in Qatar. The Indomitable Lions were eliminated in the group stage despite a prestigious victory against Brazil (1-0) during their last meeting. The former Mallorca player stayed in Qatar to attend the rest of the competition, and in particular the Brazil-South Korea match which ended in violence for him.

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