Erling Haaland soon excluded from the Premier League, the petition is launched

Erling Haaland is making an exceptional start to the season in the colors of Manchester City. The Norwegian panics the counters, with already 19 goals scored in just 12 games this season in all competitions. Very high standards that logically fascinate observers and fans of Soccer. Haaland again planted a double this Wednesday evening in the Champions League, which also put Pep Guardiola in all his states. It must be said that the Spaniard did everything to convince his management to bet on the former Borussia Dortmund player last summer.

And for now, Haaland is more than returning his trust. While the Norwegian striker’s talent and stats delight City fans, that’s not the case for everyone in England.

Haaland, the English are unhappy

Indeed, British fans have recently been the authors of a somewhat special petition. The latter requests the exclusion of Erling Haaland. The reason ? He would not be human but rather a robot. And this petition works very well since it has collected more than 2 million signatures… Note that any petition collecting more than 100,000 signatures in England must normally be debated in parliament. This will not be the case as the petition has been removed from the government site.

A chance for Haaland…

Internet users react

Inevitably, this unusual news about Erling Haaland has caused quite a stir on social networks. We could see in particular as comments on Twitter :

  • « Petition request by @KMbappe? »
  • « We are at 2 million. The problem: the 2 million are surely not all 2nd degree »
  • « It is indeed a machine. »
  • « They have never seen such a strong attacker, it’s normal »
  • « Fortunately for them, Messi prime did not set foot on Premier League lawns »
  • « Ptddddr there are those who have made a petition I quote: « to have Erling Haaland removed from the Premier League for being a robot » »
  • “Petition for Joe Biden to order the CIA and NASA to study the origins and humanity of Erling Haaland because this is too much”
  • « He traumatized the best championship in the world in just 2 months, it’s lunar »

Erling Haaland will not have the chance to play in the next World Cup in Qatar, Norway unfortunately not qualifying.

However, he will have a shot to play to allow Manchester City to win the Premier League but especially the Champions League. For the moment, Pep Guardiola’s men still can’t do it on the European scene. But everything could change with the contribution of Erling Haaland, who seems to have no limits under his new colors.



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