Eric Abidal defended by his wife Hayet in the liver transplant case, she points to an « insistent » cousin

Beneficiary of a liver transplant in 2012, former Barça and France player Eric Abidal has since seen the courts and the Spanish press investigate potential irregularities in this operation and the real identity of the donor. . In a long interview, his wife, Hayet Abidal, comes to his defense in this case.

Eric Abidal is going through turbulent times. While his name was recently cited in a case of adultery with PSG player Kheira Hamraoui, the former defender of Barça and the Blues saw another controversial file resurface: that of his liver transplant.

Suffering from cancer, and forced into a first operation in 2011, Abidal then benefited from a transplant in 2012, made possible thanks to the organ donation of his cousin, Gérard Armand. Except that since then, justice and the Spanish press have repeatedly looked into potential irregularities in this transplant.

An investigation and public suspicion

In 2017, the police had thus opened an investigation into the background of organ trafficking, based on wiretapping involving a former leader of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell. An investigation which recently made people talk, since at the beginning of April, the investigative media El Confidencial – based on a report from the National Institute of Toxicology – indicated that Gérard Armand would not in fact be the cousin of Eric Abidal. And by extension, that he could have been a potentially purchased lambda donor. A problem, insofar as Spanish regulations indicate that the family relationship is essential to authorize a transplant between living persons.

In a recent interview with Le Parisien, Gérard Armand – scrambled with Abidal since the first media revelations of 2018 – assured that he was indeed the cousin of the former footballer, but still charged the double winner of the Champions League with a blow. implied. « I haven’t heard from him for four years, confided Armand. When the case came out, we got confused. I told him he wasn’t a man. Since then, nothing. (… ) I’m not going to lie to you, I knew we were going to come to this. From the beginning, this story has been fishy. I thought to myself, the longer this case takes, the weirder it is. It’s been four years that it lasts anyway. There, I worry. And I no longer have any confidence in him. Statements that have sown a little more doubt in this case, and annoyed the Abidal clan.

« I think he (Gérard Armand) had expectations that we did not meet »

This Sunday, the wife of Eric Abidal, Hayet, thus evoked the affair of the transplant in an interview broadcast on the Youtube channel of Magali Berdah, an influencer with multiple hats. Speaking first of a « bomb that went off » or « nightmare » when Eric Abidal was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, only to find out about his relapse a few months later, Hayet gives more details on the search for the famous liver.

« I had found out that I was of the same blood type as him, I had offered to give him part of my liver but the doctors told us that it was not possible having children together. In Spain the law prohibits parents from sharing an organ donation between them, she says. We had to start the search and find someone if we didn’t have a cadaveric donor. (…) One day one of his doctors told me called and said ‘Hayet, the tumor is growing too fast, we absolutely need a living donor, you need to contact all his family and find a donor.’ (…) I had the help of his mother who helped me to carry out the research. »

Until falling on Gérard Armand. “I contacted him, continues Hayet Abidal. (…) He really wanted to help his cousin and told me that he was not doing it only for Eric but also for himself, he felt the need to make a gesture of benevolence after a depression. He said yes to me right away. »

So why this estrangement, and these suspicions expressed in public? “I think he (Gérard Armand) had expectations that we did not meet, believes Hayet Abidal. When you donate an organ to a loved one, you take an oath before a judge that it is a donation from the heart, and I think he got lost at some point. The demands were too insistent and we had to put the brakes on for it to stop. »

More generally, Hayet Abidal assures that his family has suffered a lot from this affair, and would finally like to turn the page. « It’s starting to be really tiring, it affects us all, these are very serious accusations, my daughters are receiving messages calling their father a murderer when everything is completely false, she says. I was with Eric and his cousin from start to finish, I was with them when they entered the operating room, his cousin didn’t speak Spanish so I couldn’t leave him alone, I had compromised myself to be with him. I saw them go into the theater, I saw them come out, I saw the nurses take out the stitches. » And to sum up his point: « A lot of people think he was favored when in fact not at all. On the contrary, being famous was a real brake for him. »

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