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With the summer heat, long training sessions and outings can sometimes prove complicated for runners. In order to avoid the risk of dehydration, the Californian company Hydrapak launched its new SkyFlask model last spring.

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Made from thermoplastic polyurethane (100% BPA and PVC free), a flexible and extremely soft – yet very durable – material, this innovative flask shrinks as you drink. Thanks to this process, the movement of the liquid contained is reduced and does not disturb the running session. In addition, once empty and compressed, the flask can easily be stored in a pocket.

The SkyFlask also benefits from an adjustable strap to accommodate different hand sizes and can therefore be worn during training sessions and long rides. With a capacity of 350 ml (a little more than a traditional can), it meets everyone’s hydration needs.

This lightweight water bottle (44g empty) also features a waterproof automatic shut-off valve, a high-flow bite valve and a large opening for quick refills.

photo the flask compresses and shrinks as the liquid contained is consumed.  © bruno barbier / north

The flask compresses and shrinks as the contained liquid is consumed. © Bruno Barbier / North

As with the majority of the products offered by Hydrapak, the SkyFlask uses the concept of the water bag which turns over to be cleaned and dried, in order to limit bacterial growth.

This reversibility guarantees that it reaches every nook and cranny when cleaning and drying the tank, without compromising the sealing of the flange since the thermoplastic polyurethane can be handled and stretched up to eight times its size, without being damaged.

Sold € 24.90 (€ 19.90 for the 500 ml version), this new model of nutrition and rapid hydration offered by Hydrapak is distributed in France by the company Nic-Impex, based in Annecy, specializing in products ski and outdoor for over 30 years.


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