English nugget Jarrod « Arjen » Bowen: The Kinder child with Fowler’s finish

Who is Jarrod « Arjen » Bowen, England’s new kid on the block?

If the child on Kinder packets marked a generation with us, the United Kingdom has its equivalent with « The Milkybar Kid «  . Even sixteen years later, Jarrod Bowen has never managed to get rid of this nickname, as the resemblance between the « binoclard » he was at 10 years old and the character-label of the chocolate brand was obvious.

A first selection in the national team will not change the situation. No more than an incredible season in the Premier League: with West Ham, the Englishman has scored 12 goals and provided 12 assists this season. A « double-double » which also allowed him to be one of the candidates for the title of best player in the Premier League (finally awarded to Kevin De Bruyne).


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