English clubs left ship and the Super League sank

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The six English clubs initially engaged in this Super League announced Tuesday, April 20 in the evening their withdrawal from this project. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed this Wednesday April 21 the withdrawal of English clubs from the controversial Super League project, saying it was the  » good outcomee ”. Atlético Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan have followed in the footsteps of English clubs as Juventus Turin has acknowledged the failure of the Super League in its current form.

The Super League is a bit like William Shakespeare’s British comedy:  » A lot of noise for nothing »(Much teen about nothing). Ironically, it was the English clubs that left the ship first. Barely 48 hours after the announcement of a private competition project carried by twelve major European clubs, Manchester City was the first club to announce its withdrawal on Tuesday night.

Arsenal:  » We made a mistake and we apologize for it « 

The Mancunian club were followed by Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester United. It must be said that on the other side of the Channel, the initiative of the twelve clubs appeared to be an affront. From British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Prince William, including opposition leader Labor Keir Starmer and the official football authorities, everyone was on the fence about this project. And even Parliament had taken up the issue.

 » We made a mistake and we apologize for it Arsenal wrote in a statement, summing up in one sentence what supporters, authorities and governments have been struggling to point out for the past two days. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed the withdrawal of English clubs on Wednesday April 21, saying it was the  » good outcome « .

The players of Liverpool, a rebellious club, have issued a joint statement to affirm their rejection. This opinion joined that of Pep Guardiola, star coach of Manchester City, another dissident club. For the Catalan,  » it is not sport if success is guaranteed or if losing does not matter « .

The English clubs out, there were now three Spaniards and three Italians, but still no German or French, two major nations that may have missed the Super League to present a common front. At the end of the morning, Wednesday, Atlético Madrid announced its withdrawal from the project through a press release, as did Inter Milan and AC Milan. Of the 12 founding clubs, there were now only two Spanish clubs (Real Madrid and Barcelona) and one Italian club (Juventus Turin). Finally, Juventus Turin recognized the failure of the Super League in its current form.

 » Rebuild unity « 

In a statement, the creators of the Super League reacted to this Brexit of the English clubs by announcing that they were going  » reconsider the most appropriate steps to reshape the project ”, Which is akin to a suspension of the project.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said Wednesday in a statement that six English clubs are withdrawing from the 12 promoters of a private Super League, promising to  » rebuild unity « Of European football and » to move forward together « .

After threatening last Monday to upset the established order of European football, the controversial Super League project found itself cornered by the withdrawal of its English members, to the point of fearing further defections on Wednesday and complete failure. It did. The defeat is significant for the president of the Super League and Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, as well as the vice-president Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus Turin, who were at the initiative of this private league.

Badly born, badly led, badly sold, the project of semi-closed competition with 20 teams, of which 15 places were reserved for the founders, will not see the light of day. In any case, not immediately and not in this form.

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