English clubs, excluding the Premier League, recovered a share of punters’ losses

According to the Guardian’s revelations, the 72 English clubs in Championship (D2), League One (D3) and League Two (D4) have reaped some of the losses of punters playing on Sky Bet for six years. They acted as an intermediary for the online betting site, sponsor of the English Football League (EFL) for 10 seasons, in order to encourage their supporters to bet.

The document, seen by the Guardian, says clubs were entitled to a “share of losses from accounts registered in (their) club name to Sky Bet via (their) affiliate partnership. » Thus, some League Two (4th division) clubs have earned 5,000 pounds (5,585 €) in one year thanks to this partnership, which implies larger sums for clubs with more fans.

What about the Premier League?

This arrangement between the EFL and Sky Bet was dropped at the start of the 2019-20 season, with the renewal of the contract, putting  » more emphasis on putting safer play at the heart of the deal”. However, some clubs should continue to receive funds until the end of the 2023-2024 season as part of the contracts. “inherited. »

The question now arises on the side of the Premier League. The Guardian has written to all of England’s top flight clubs asking if they have an affiliation deal with gambling companies. So far Crystal Palace, Newcastle, Tottenham and Manchester United have said no. The other clubs declined to comment or did not respond.

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