England still in shock after the violent and racist incidents during the Euro final, Raphaël Varane wants to imitate Kylian Mbappé on the transfer window

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England still in shock

While Italy celebrates its heroes, England is always groggy. More than defeat in the final (1-1, 2-3 at TAB), the Kingdom is still in shock from the images of violence on Sunday evening, before the match. But also messages of a racist nature to which Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka were victims, after the meeting. The three players missed their shot on goal and saw a surge of hatred hit their social networks. A whole country is mobilizing this morning to fight against this racism and this violence in the country. « 10 for love, 0 for hate », writes in particular on Manchester Evening News. While The Sun claims « A nation united against racism. » The images of violence at the entrance to Wembley marked the English too and the Daily Mirror worries about « This return of the ugly face of football ». This could have consequences on the choice of FIFA in the race to organize the World Cup 2030, as reported by the Daily Telegraph. In short, the atmosphere is no longer at the party in England.

Varane, like Mbappé

Raphaël Varane is getting very close to Manchester United. This is the information that comes to us from Manchester Evening News this morning. Negotiations between the player and the English club are progressing very well and an agreement between the two parties could be reached within a few days. On the side of Real Madrid, we seem resigned. Especially since as indicated Marca this Tuesday, Varane uses the same strategy as Kylian Mbappé at PSG to achieve his ends. The two world champions have asked to leave the club, but if they fail to do so this summer, they would wisely wait until the end of their contract in 2022 to be free. And since PSG and Real do not want to get out of these businesses without money, the question really arises of a departure from this summer transfer window.

For Messi, « it is going well »

As training resumed at FC Barcelona, ​​President Joan Laporta visited the Barcelona dressing room to give the outline for the coming season. For summary, as the poster Sport this morning, the instructions are clear: we must win again! The president also took the opportunity to take stock of the Lionel Messi file. In full happiness since the victory of Argentina in the final of the Copa America, La Pulga could also experience another happiness soon. That of an extension with Barça. « It is going well », Laporta said in front of his future ex-teammates. The suspense continues.

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