England player chambers his former coach head-on after a goal (video)

Unusual scene in England. In a League One match between second-ranked Sunderland and Lincoln, 32-year-old Chris Maguire played a nasty trick on his old colors.

Wearing the Sunderland tunic for three seasons between 2018 and 2021, he left the club freely last year and obviously not on very good terms with his former coach. Author of a hat-trick for his new colors, the attacker took the opportunity to chamber his ex-coach frontally. After his first goal, Maguire nevertheless has a correct attitude: he raises his arms in the sky in a sign of respect for his former supporters. However after a few seconds, he rushes towards the bench of Sunderland and comes to slip a few sweet words to Lee Johnson, the coach of the Black Cats.

See for yourself on this video.

At the end of the match, Chris Maguire reconsidered his gesture and what prompted him to do it: « It was a bit ironic considering my last six months, seeing how it ended here. I didn’t want it to end badly and it did. « 

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