England football – Tottenham: Harry Kane breaks the silence

Absent from training all week when he was expected on Monday, Harry Kane wanted to make his point of view known.

Visibly disappointed that he could be accused of boycotting his return from vacation to force a transfer to Manchester City, the England striker spoke up to swear that this was not the case, and that everything had been agreed with his Tottenham club. Five days to explain that he was still on vacation, so this is the position of the Spurs center-forward as things have mostly calmed down with President Daniel Levy, and an agreement has reportedly been reached for the let go in case of a big offer.

«  It’s been almost 10 years since I started with Spurs. During all these years you, the supporters, have always shown me full support and love. This is why it hurts me to read some comments that were made this week, questioning my professionalism. Without going into the specifics of the situation, I want to clarify that I have never, and never will, refused to train. I will return to the club tomorrow, as planned. I would not do anything that could jeopardize the relationship I have with the fans, who have given me unwavering support during my time at the club. Always has been, as it is today “Said Harry Kane, who is clearly Pep Guardiola’s priority at Manchester City. The Spanish manager has made it known, but nothing guarantees his transfer, knowing that Tottenham have not yet opened the door to such an outcome. If that were to be the case, the Citizens could break their own record set this week with the signing of Jack Grealish for 118 ME from Aston Villa. Because to sign Harry Kane, it is the sum of 130 ME that would be requested by Tottenham.

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