England football – Mendy case law, City has an obsession

Benjamin Mendy is at the heart of a sex scandal in England, and currently remains in prison awaiting trial. Manchester City is waking up and believes that the French players should be watched more closely.

Pep Guardiola, often accused of being too lax with his players when it comes to discipline, will probably have to change his way of doing things. Too many Manchester City players find themselves in dirty sheets, whether for alcoholic evenings, violations of health regulations, extra-marital affairs that make the headlines, and especially the recent stint in prison of Benjamin Mendy for charges of rape and sexual assault. Romain Molina’s indiscretions on this subject still suggest that the left side is not out of the woods, quite the contrary, because the journalist has had wind of visibly very murky echoes on the behavior of the former defender from OM and Monaco.

Romain Molina could not believe his eyes

 » Benjamin Mendy he made crazy things. I’m telling you that Manchester City want to double-check the French because it’s too much of a mess. I don’t know the stories that came out about him but I know others … (sigh). He’s sick, I can’t tell you anything else. He did stuff … I’ve never heard of that in my life. At the beginning I didn’t believe it and it was people who showed me « , delivered Romain Molina, convinced that, because of the actions of Benjamin Mendy, it is even the French players who are now targeted by Manchester City for their behavior. French or not, the Citizens will in any case have to tighten the screw, Benjamin Mendy having largely feasted while he was on parole, which the English club could not ignore.

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