England Football – Man Utd must fire Paul Pogba, it’s brutal!

Expelled Sunday during the sinking of Manchester United against Liverpool at Old Trafford, Paul Pogba was destroyed in the English press. Paul Scholes even demands that the Red Devils do not play him anymore.

While Liverpool ridiculed Manchester United (0-5), and Cristiano Ronaldo had already narrowly escaped a red, Paul Pogba was sent off, after the intervention of the VAR, the French playmaker having stuck a tackle that knocked Naby Keita down. The Guinean international leaving the lawn on a stretcher after the gesture of Paul Pogba. Substitute at the kick-off against the Reds, the international tricolor came into play after the break, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer trying to change things when his team was already led 0-4. But not only was Pogba involved in Liverpool’s fifth goal, but he also tired his teammates at ten per hour of play, which allowed the formation of Jürgen Klopp to have fun without straining his talent too much. But this Monday, the French player is seriously manhandled, even if he is not the sole responsible for this Mancunian rout.

Paul Scholes won’t cry if Paul Pogba leaves Manchester United

Manchester United legend, now consultant for Premier League Productions, Paul Scholes believes that the Red Devils should no longer play Paul Pogba.  » Paul Pogba started in the second half to help the team, he tries to hold the ball, tries to show how strong he is in midfield … but he gives the goal in a way. Then later he is sent off with a ridiculous tackle, resulting in you being down 5-0 with 10 players (…) Pogba has caused chaos for the past two years. Everyone knows how talented he is, everyone trusts him, every manager trusts him (…) But with all the agitation that surrounded his case in the transfer window, not to sign his contract, almost to ransom club and then come in and do something like that … Look, he’ll probably still play, right? But I don’t think Manchester United will miss anything if Pogba doesn’t play (…) It’s just a lack of discipline and a lack of respect for your manager and your teammates, which he did today », Launched the former England international midfielder who remained a legend on the side of Old Trafford and whose opinion counts.

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