England football – Benjamin Mendy in prison, Guardiola and City accused

Called this Friday to appear in court in Chester to know the date of his trial for rape and sexual assault, Benjamin Mendy has been imprisoned since his arrest for violating his parole.

It must be said that the charges are serious against the French international defender, indicted for four rapes and one sexual assault, all suspected of having taken place at his home in the suburbs of Manchester. A house for which Benjamin Mendy already had a ban on receiving people, which was the condition for his parole to be effective, after two arrests by the police. His lifestyle has not been changed so far, he who often received the world, and was even seen buying personal bottles of alcohol for 500 euros in the local supermarket at the end of last year, reveals L ‘ Team this Friday.

500 euros of alcohol, grilled Benjamin Mendy

A way of life that was obviously not reconcilable with top-level sport, which has multiplied the injuries and made his trainer desperate in recent months. And yet, Pep Guardiola and Manchester City are also in the sights in this dark affair. The English club warned from the outset that no comment would be made, both to respect the presumption of innocence, but also in respect of the alleged victims. And yet the critics fall on the Citizens, who were made aware by the police in November 2020 of the procedure underway on Benjamin Mendy. This did not prevent Pep Guardiola, who regularly complained about his poor form, from using it regularly, and this was still the case at the start of the season when his arrest was imminent.

Guardiola and City too lax?

Laxity criticized, since Pep Guardiola has chosen not to monitor and to punish players very little for extra-sporting problems. Several of his players, Kyle Walker, Phil Foden or John Stones, have thus found themselves in dirty sheets lately, without this disturbing the Spanish coach or City. Likewise, the Citizens have not really made an effort to sell Benjamin Mendy this summer, putting him on the transfer list while asking for a price far too high for a player who is only a shadow of him. -same. In prison currently, the former Le Havre and Marseille is in any case suspended by his club until awaiting the date of his trial.

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