Enes Kanter threatens his coach, who answers him!

Boston Celtics NBA pivot Enes Kanter openly threatened his coach Ime Udoka, who responded bluntly to the post.

Brian Babineau / Maddie Meyer

Very critical of China and its policy in recent months, Enes Kanter has recently focused his anger… on his trainer, Ime Udoka. Launched on the subject, the Celtics coach did not try to hide behind the language of wood, and openly reacted to this provocation!

For his first season as the main coach of an NBA franchise, his players are definitely not making it easy for him. Assistant to Gregg Popovich for many years at Spurs, Ime Udoka took the reins of the Celtics this summer. Obviously expected given the caliber of his new franchise, the young 44-year-old technician is struggling for the moment to keep his talented group.

Kanter’s big warning for Ime Udoka

Jayson Tatum and his teammates currently have a record of 7 wins for 7 losses, and have already been able to deplore big dramas in the locker room at the start of the season. Little used since his signing in the offseason, Enes Kanter came to create a new one this Sunday, by posting a message that could not be more threatening on his Twitter account … obviously intended for Udoka.

Keep limiting me to the floors, and I’ll post you outside.

With only 2 appearances on the floors, and 10 small minutes played before last night, Kanter clearly seemed to address his coach. Not afraid of the consequences of his actions, as he shows lately with his big accusations against Nike and China, the Turkish pivot received a frank response from Udoka before Monday’s meeting against the Cavaliers.

I chatted with him, and saw his post. The thing I tell my players is that we have a lot of guys who don’t play, who could play and who want to play. I told these guys to get ready to play and professional. I went through the same situation as a player. And I gave Enes the reasons that push me not to make him evolve a lot in certain things that we do, defensively, in sectors where he must progress.

And at the same time, it’s not just the result of what he doesn’t do. The other guys are doing really good things too. We have Al (Horford) and Rob (Robert Williams), who are amazing. And in my eyes, there are players like Juancho (Hernangomez), Payton (Pritchard), sometimes Jabari (Parker) who also want to play and deserve minutes. They play well, and like I told Enes, my decisions are limited to the basketball aspect.

Coincidence or not, Enes Kanter had his biggest game time against Cleveland, contributing in a small way to the victory of his own. Why consider this file as closed? Response in the next few days!

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