End Zone, L’Équipe’s US football podcast: the French still dream of NFL

Richard Tardits, linebacker of the New England Patriots in the early 90s, remains the only Frenchman in the history of the NFL. Others have tried since, and some have even come close to getting there. Unfortunately, this was limited to the preseason matches but no one despairs: they are more and more to try the adventure, proof of an openness to the international NFL but especially of a certain talent. What are the different possibilities for young French people? What is their life like on the other side of the Atlantic?

Between flexible hours, university life and oversized sport, America offers them a framework to express themselves and develop. So it’s only a matter of time to see a Blue land in the NFL? The players are convinced that whoever succeeds will be an example.  » I would like to have even a tenth of the impact Tony Parker had on French basketball », Explains Anthony Mahoungou, who worked for the Philadelphia Eagles and Purdue University. Jordan Avissey, he explains that his American adventure can lead to others. How can this be set up? How can US football develop in France?

Guest: Jordan Avissey.

Hosted and directed by Antoine Bourlon, with Peter Anderson and Anthony Mahoungou. Visual identity by Maxime Malécot.

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