End Zone, L’Équipe’s US football podcast: 13 seconds for the history of the NFL

While waiting for the Super Bowl, living at the Grand Rex with the L’Équipe channel, the best NFL teams are fighting to obtain the two most precious tickets of the season. And not just anyhow, since all the matches of the conference semi-finals, the “divisional rounds”, were memorable. What to remember? Who performed, which players broke the screen?

And inevitably, “End Zone” cannot miss the legendary match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills, which some go so far as to qualify, in the United States, as the greatest match in history. What’s so special about it? How do quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen already become legendary?

Animated by Unseen Samywith Peter Anderson and Anthony Mahoungou. Realized by Antoine Bourlon.

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