End Zone, L’Équipe’s NFL podcast: Eternal Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers

The poster for the weekend between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints, in other words Tom Brady against Drew Brees, inspired the older of the two quarterbacks. On social networks, « TB12 » thus displayed a photomontage of the duo made up as grandpas. Funny situation but not so extravagant: the duo is the oldest in the NFL at the position of quarterback while Aaron Rodgers, 37 and leader of the Green Bay Packers, comes a little further. But age is just a number, it seems, and their respective franchise is in the conference semifinals. So how did they carry their team so far? What do they represent on the scale of American sport, they who have eight Super Bowls?

Behind the simple performance, many issues lie: their integration into competitive teams, their adaptation to today’s football, salaries and finally the future, since we will have to think about replacing them one day. At the same time, these hallowed monsters of the NFL are as much superstars as they are physical, technical and mental data to take into account during the seasons. And if their level is not by chance – exceptional preparation, daily details, thirst for success – it goes without saying that their long career has changed a lot of things. What role exactly does he occupy in their franchise? Where do they find the resources they need for these extraordinary journeys?

Hosted and directed by Antoine Bourlon, with Peter Anderson and Anthony Mahoungou. Visual identity by Maxime Malécot.

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