end of the adventure for Beaujolais football and FC Mont Brouilly


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Football / Coupe de France: end of the adventure for Beaujolais football and FC Mont Brouilly

Beaujolais football and FC Mont Brouilly were eliminated in the 3rd round of the Coupe de France.

FC Mont Brouilly and Beaujolais Foot may still have some regrets, five days after their elimination in the 3rd round of the Coupe de France. Because the adventure ends with just the jerseys, the ones every amateur player dreams of. Because also the qualification was not so far, especially for FC Mont Brouilly, beaten by Olympique Echenevex Sgny Chevry after a cruel penalty shootout for the players of Cyril Grandjean (0 -0, TAB 4-5). « We did not do the right thing in this match, against a courageous and valiant team. The elements were against us too. We missed a penalty and a heads-up in the first half, then we hit the post in second. And during the penalty shoot-out, our goalkeeper deflects one, but the referee removes it for reasons that we do not yet know. forget this beautiful day and the warm welcome we received on the spot. It was at the Coupe de France« , summarized Cyril Grandjean, the coach of FC Mont Brouilly.

On the side of Beaujolais Foot, Yoann Longefay’s men did not find the key against the formation of ASP Bourgoin, also moving a notch below (D3). One goal was more than enough for the happiness of the Isrois, enough to make the players of Fleurie and Beaujeu unhappy.

For these two teams, the important thing now will be to digest this elimination and to move forward for the championship which begins this Sunday. In D1, FC Mont Brouilly moves to Genas, « a big dj piece« , according to Cyril Grandjean. Liergues, in the same pool, has already conceded a draw (1-1) against Chaponnay for the 1st day of the championship last weekend. D2 this season. And this Sunday, the players of Yoann Longefay will go to Savigny. The dream of a 4th round of the Coupe de France has passed. Now it’s time for everyday life, for several months we hope

David Duvernay

Local press correspondent


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