End of IndyCar on iRacing!

The license agreement between IndyCar and iRacing will expire at the end of 2022, requiring iRacing to rename its series. In addition, the iRacing platform will no longer be authorized to organize its annual iRacing Indy 500.

As if that weren’t bad news enough, a memo has been sent to major iRacing event broadcasters advising them that they are no longer allowed to broadcast races featuring the Dallara IR18, Dallara DW12 and single-seater models. Dallara IR-05.

“Our current license agreement with IndyCar is set to expire on December 31, 2022. We have signed an exclusive license with another developer which will come into effect on January 1, 2023”

said iRacing staff member Greg West on the gaming community forums.

Following this announcement, iRacing has adjusted its schedule to allow the Dallara IR18 to still be used at Indianapolis Motor Speedway before the license expires. All current IndyCar tracks have also been removed from the calendar and replaced with non-IndyCar badged venues.

“While we are still working on finalizing a new license with IndyCar, it is clear that there will be significant changes in the way we can present IndyCar races on iRacing. More importantly, we will no longer be able to run an official IndyCar-branded series and there will be no iRacing Indy 500. You will also see the removal of the IndyCar Series logo from our sites.

added Greg West

However, we plan to continue using the Dallara (IR18, DW12 and Dallara IR-05). There will be no changes (unlimited use and racing) at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for other series – NASCAR, IMSA, etc. Until the new license agreement is finalized, we won’t know all the details, so there may be other changes.

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