Emmanuel Mudiay leaves the NBA after 6 years of flop

Emmanuel Mudiay is one of those players that we wanted to see succeed in the NBA a little more than the others. After a very difficult childhood in the Congo, then a separation of several years with his mother, who left for the United States until she was able to welcome her children, the point guard had finally become one of the young players. Most coveted US. To meet the needs of his mother and his family, Mudiay then declined the many proposals for university scholarships, to go and play for a year in China, until his draft in the NBA in 2015.

Today, Emmanuel Mudiay is forced to relaunch his career away from the NBA. After 6 frustrating seasons where the opportunities were not always there, between Denver, New York and Utah, the 25-year-old has just signed in Lithuania. Not just anywhere, since it is Zalgiris Kaunas, a basketball entity in Europe, who offered him a one-year contract.

Emmanuel Mudiay apologizes for trolling Gregg Popovich

A few days ago, during the Summer League he played with Portland, Emmanuel Mudiay unfortunately spoiled a very good match against Houston by asking for a time-out at the very end of the match when his team no longer had any. The result: the Rockets scored the pitch they got and a shot 3 points behind to win the game.

Apart from his very decent first year at the Nuggets, during which he was elected in the second five of the rookies, Mudiay did not break through to what is expected of a 7th Draft pick. At the same post or almost, the Phoenix Suns were for example able to draft Devin Booker in 13th position …

Emmanuel Mudiay, the tumble

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