Emmanuel Macron’s roadmap for sport in France

 » Over the past five years, I have sought to strengthen the place of sport at the heart of our society. What I announced in 2017, I did, and I even went further “, writes Emmanuel Macron in a letter addressed to all the actors of the sports movement Thursday, April 21, the day after the televised debate with Marine Le Pen. A two-page letter intended to convince them to vote for him and relayed on social networks, in particular by Amélie Oudéa-Castera, general manager of the French Tennis Federation and “madam sport” of the president during the campaign.

 » Today, nearly 2 million young people do more sport, in particular thanks to the program of 30 minutes of physical activity per day deployed, in addition to physical education “, Continues the president who chose this idea of ​​​​Paris 2024 for his first companion sport measure, announced on March 7 in Poissy (Yvelines).

“(Paris 2024) will contribute to giving sport a central place in our society and our daily lives”

He also points out that he reduces inequalities in access to sport “, in particular via the pass-sport, aid of €50 for taking out a license for 6-18 year olds, or the 5,000 local pitches announced until 2024. “ In an unprecedented effort, the State has helped amateur sport and professional sport through the health crisis “, continues the Head of State who also cites the sports law promulgated on March 2 to the credit of the government.

 » We will continue to support the paths of sporting excellence of our athletes, including in their socio-professional follow-up and their future retraining. “, he promises. When discussing the next major events, and in particular the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Head of State confirms his  » total support to make this event an exceptional success together and bet he  » will contribute to giving sport a central place in our society and our daily lives « .

« Make sport a pillar for the well-being of our youth »

The president announces that he wants amplify the efforts undertaken and make sport a pillar for the well-being of our youth « . He refers to a  » rural nature sports development plan », devices to promote practice in urban areas and the accessibility of equipment for people with disabilities.

 » I know the strength and contribution of volunteering and I want to preserve its vitality », Underlines the president, referring to the 3.5 million French people who run the sports machine on a daily basis. He wants to promote volunteer commitment and promises to ensure that all the procedures that weigh on it are simplified « . The Head of State concludes: We will also have to bring the new governance of French sport to maturity and succeed in its territorial application. without reference to the National Sports Agency launched in April 2019 and long disputed. An entire program.

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