Embraer offers a conversion of its ERJ145 to semi-private configuration

Emilie Drab MAY 27, 2021 | 262 words
Embraer offers a conversion of its ERJ145 in semi-private configuration


Embraer believes it has identified a growing interest from its ERJ145 operators for cabin configurations closer to that of a private jet. The aircraft manufacturer is therefore developing an STC (Supplemental type certificate) to meet this demand and offer an after-sales solution for converting any ERJ145 in service into a semi-private aircraft.

The conversion offers cabins only with premium seats, between sixteen and twenty-eight per aircraft. In this context, the rows will have only one armchair on each side of the corridor (instead of the classic 1-2 configuration). But the idea is not just to change the seats. Embraer specifies that the conversion includes the installation of a flat floor and the removal of luggage compartments for a feeling of increased space.

Conversion work can be carried out at Embraer’s service centers.

Marsha Woelber, Head of Customer Support and …

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