Embiid evokes his anti-Simmons tweet with a new madness!

Joel Embiid is arguably the man the happiest in the NBA after the exchange set up by its leaders… Asked about his viral message for Ben Simmons, the Cameroonian pivot was pleased with a new high-level troll.

Joel Embiid is undoubtedly a happy man at the moment. Author of an exceptional season, he could also become MVP in a few months, he will receive the support of an All-Star who is dying to play with him. Indeed, James Harden decided to leave one of the best players in history in the person of Kevin Durant to evolve with the Cameroonian pivot, that is to say if he believes in him.

Moreover, for many observers, Philadelphia is now the franchise to beat in an Eastern Conference that is still very open and at a very homogeneous level. If the mayonnaise sets immediately, if the agreement between the Barbu and the Process is good, the last months will be quickly forgotten and Ben Simmons will only be a distant memory in the minds of fans.

Joel Embiid continues with a second troll on Ben Simmons

But before letting him go to Brooklyn and his new adventure, Joel Embiid, or « Troel », as he likes to be called on social networks, felt the need to drop a massive tackle on the Aussie playmaker. A message that went around social networks and which undoubtedly did the pivot a lot of good, who had to hold back for a while. After the victory against the Thunder on Friday, he returned to this message with a new troll.

Seriously I don’t even know what that tweet meant. I just posted a random person. I just saw the photo on the internet and I thought this gentleman was well dressed. He wore a nice suit, had a nice head… He had a real attitude, so I really thought it was a good picture.

Decidedly, Joel Embiid has not finished making fun of the world after the XXL exchange set up by its leaders. To explain his huge troll on social networks, the Cameroonian decided to troll even harder with this clearly second-degree statement. If he tries to remain as serious as possible, his eyes and his few smiles say a lot about his state of mind.

If Joel Embiid is feeling happy after the exchange, with trolls and amusing declarations, it remains no less serious on the ground. With 25 points and 19 rebounds against the Thunder, he must have made James Harden dream.

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