Embiid could play for Team USA

Naturalized French in July, Joel Embiid also became a US citizen in September! The Cameroonian-born pivot made the news official yesterday, saying he was sworn in two weeks ago in Philadelphia. He now has three passports, with the Cameroonian passport

Asked during the Sixers’ « training camp », Joel Embiid explained that he made this choice for family reasons, in particular in relation to his son, who is an American citizen.

“I have been here a long time. My son is American. I thought, “I live here and it’s lucky to be an American. So why not ? »he confided.

In fact, he also becomes eligible to play with Team USA, and we do not really know what his international future will look like since we imagined him in blue after his naturalization supported by the FFBB.

This news in any case revives the suspense, especially since the person concerned simply indicated that it was still far too early to think about the country he could possibly represent in international competition. Which implies that all options are still possible…

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