Elim CdM 2022 / Africa: The big rant of Dussuyer on the programming of the matches


Elim CdM 2022 / Africa: The big rant of Dussuyer on the programming of the matches

On the occasion of the publication of the list of Squirrels of Benin for the confrontation against Tanzania, Michel Dussuyer was questioned this Tuesday on the programming of the matches. The Benin coach did not hesitate to show his dissatisfaction.

With two matches to play in the space of three days, the African Football Confederation does not make it easy for national selections. However, the African football body sends letters to the federations for proposals around the programming of their matches. But this approach turns out to be ineffective to the astonishment of Michel Dussuyer.

“It is not worth it that they send letters to the federations asking them what they want since in any case, they do as they want behind us. We still find ourselves playing on Thursday, that means there is zero preparation. We recover the guys who play Sunday, Monday is a cleansing, Tuesday is the trip, Wednesday is the day before the match, ”he regretted.

“There is no preparation work and I regret it inevitably. Suddenly, we have a day of recovery from the last grouping. Fortunately, thank God, we are well supported and we can benefit from conditions that will allow us to be able to switch from one match to another with good conditions of recovery ”, finally rejoiced the coach of Benin who deplores game time.

“We wanted to play at 5 pm, we wanted to play at 8 pm but it’s 2 pm that falls on us. You have to do with it, ”he continued. As a reminder, Benin plays the 3rd day in Tanzania, before receiving the Taifas Stars on behalf of the 4th day.


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