Elder Scrolls Online: Flames of Ambition

The new Elder Scrolls Online DLC is now available on all platforms and while this is only a prelude to the Blackwood Chapter (expansion) coming out this summer, a wind of change is coming to the game at the same time, especially for high level players.

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Each year, Zenimax Online offers a new story in Elder Scrolls Online, with a DLC in the spring, the new expansion in the summer, and then another DLC in the fall to close the story. ESO players are therefore never without new content for long.

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As such, Flames of Ambition doesn’t have much to offer other than for two new dungeons that timidly introduce Gates of Oblivion, the narrative that encompasses all of 2021’s content. Zenimax seems willing to make an effort to do so. Attract players from the regular series The Elder Scrolls by releasing three consecutive expansions that link to three popular chapters of the series: Morrowind, Skyrim, and Oblivion. It’s a good thing and it works, because one of the great strengths of ESO versus other MMOs is its narrative.

The Cauldron and Black Drake Villa are the new dungeons included in this DLC. They are fun and offer a lot of bosses whose mechanics you better learn quickly to succeed in a group, but regular ESO will be in familiar terrain.

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Update 29: The New Champions System

Online gaming communities don’t tend to like the changes that will affect their character builds, which they’ve spent a lot of time perfecting. But Zenimax could not sit on its laurels either, it was time to refresh this system and above all, extend the possible progression in the game. As we reach level 50, which is the maximum, we transfer to the system. Champion levels. For each champion level reached, we get a point that we can allocate in trees (constellations) of passive skills.

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With Update 29, the Champion system goes 9 to 3 constellations and from a maximum of 810 champion points to 3600! This is good news considering the astronomical amount of content ESO offers. Personally, my character is in the champion system and I haven’t seen 3/4 of the game. So it’s more motivating to experience the rest of the game if I can do it with a certain sense of progression for my character. .

The ancient constellations were based on the 9 constellations that the Elder Scrolls games often refer to. The three new ones come in the form of 3 easier to understand categories: Warfare, Fitness and Craft. You can potentially complete all 3 constellations and unlock all passive bonuses, but be careful, you can only activate 4 per constellation. This new system therefore makes it possible to adjust our character more precisely according to the given situation.

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The creators of the « build » guides may have to start from scratch, and it’s normal for some part of the community to be frustrated, but it’s this kind of change that keeps a game, and its community, going. life!

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