Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes are the top two favorites for the 2024 Stanley Cup


The Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers are currently facing off in the 2023 Stanley Cup Finals, but that won’t stop our Daily face-to-face hockey experts attempt to predict which teams will face off almost exactly a year from now.

On Friday’s episode of Daily face-to-face live, Frank Seravalli and Mike McKenna made their picks for next year’s Stanley Cup champion, and they ended up selecting a team from both conferences. And here’s a little hint: in their world, we may well see a rematch of the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals.

Here’s a quick look at the #AskDFO segment of Friday’s show:

Frank Seravalli: Who’s the all-too-soon favorite for the 2024 Stanley Cup? Betting odds will be announced shortly to declare next year’s favourites. Who would be at the top of your list? Give me a team, Mike.

Mike McKenna: Vegas is going to bring back a lot of players, so they have to be there. I’ll give you a bunk and tell you, don’t sleep in Seattle. See what I did, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’? I actually think the Hurricanes are a solid club that knows the moves they need to make this offseason to make this team even better. I think they’re in a position to be really good next season, so I’ll grab a flyer and go with the Hurricanes. And you?

Seravalli: I think the Edmonton Oilers will be the betting favorites when the odds are out. Mad?

McKenna: Mmmm-k. What’s the game plan there?

Seravalli: Oh, just the two best players in the world, let’s see what other support and auxiliaries they can add to the mix. Obviously, the betting window, they liked the Oilers coming in and they were second-round favorites against the Golden Knights. I haven’t gathered for them, but I think they’ll be featured well on this ratings board whenever it comes out.

Watch the full episode here:


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