Echosport News: State of emergency in Tokyo, the Olympics behind closed doors


Faced with the resurgence of Covid-19 in the country, the Japanese government has declared the establishment of a state of health emergency in Tokyo. This means, unfortunately, that the events of the Olympic Games will take place without the presence of spectators. Also on the program: the ranking of the sporting events the most followed by the French, the creation of an African Super League in the pipes and health sport.

The bad news fell on Thursday, July 8. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, scheduled from July 23 to August 8, will finally be played behind closed doors at the sites of the Japanese capital, due to the increase in Covid-19 cases. “We have agreed that there will be no spectators at the venues in Tokyo,” Games Minister Tamayo Marukawa said two weeks before the opening ceremony.

An announcement that came moments after the government’s decision to reinstate a state of health emergency in Tokyo, from Monday until August 22. Either during the entirety of the Olympics. « I think we can safely organize the Games thanks to these measures, » said Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. We must step up measures to prevent infections from spreading again throughout Japan, given the impact of the new variants ”.

For their part, the IOC and the International Paralympic Committee supported « this decision in the interest of a safe and secure Games for everyone », while « deeply regretting for the athletes and spectators that these measures had to be taken » , via a joint press release. Welcome to the “Pandemic Games”.

With one in four French people watching Ligue 1, the French football championship is the most watched sporting event in the country, according to a YouGov study. The L1 is ahead of the Champions League (22%), the Roland-Garros tournament (22%) and the Tour de France (22%). Note that one in three French people do not follow any sports competition.


While FIFA has officially supported UEFA in its fight against the creation of a Super League initiated by twelve of the biggest European clubs, the body of world football seems to be pushing for this project to see the light of day in Africa. One can therefore wonder why this idea, which was obviously bad for Europe, would it be good for the African continent? Philippe Doucet and Vincent Chaudel discuss it in the 52nd issue of Entre Deux:

Finally, remember that the practice of a regular sporting activity remains the first bulwark against obesity. A public health problem that is dangerously gaining ground in France, where nearly one in two people is overweight. This phenomenon affects more the regions of the North and North-East of the hexagon, as shown in the map of the League against obesity below.

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