Earthquake over LeBron James’ state of health ?!

Absent for a problem with the abdominal belt, LeBron James must technically return this week for the Lakers. In fact, he could run out of time for a lot more, according to a former franchise member. Explanations.

As the Lakers string together defeats, the return of Lebron james is more than desirable. Unfortunately for the fans, we will have to be patient since he is absent due to an injury to the abdominal belt. It is a problem taken very seriously by the medical staff, who wish to avoid a worsening. The King is set to miss about a week of competition, but that can change.

The good news is that you should learn more about your condition quickly. Number 6 is due to return in a few days, unless of course the Angelinos decide to keep him on the sidelines for some time to come. It would not be surprising, despite the enormous collective rout against the Blazers.

Extended absence for LeBron James?

Regardless of the losses, we’re still in the regular season, which means the medics are going to be careful with LeBron. There is no question of rushing a comeback, as Tim DiFrancesco, a former member of the franchise, explains. The latter was in charge of conditioning the players, and provided an update on the Akron native’s injury.

Now the owner of a training center in Boston, DiFrancesco explained in a post on Saturday that LeBron’s injury can occur as a result of overextending the torso combined with great strength: a powerful serve in tennis, or a dunk in the basketball (cf Jalen Green). Recovery time? 4 to 8 weeks for a slight sprain.

4 to 8 weeks is clearly not what the Lakers say, although the details of the injury are not known. LeBron may not have much, still it is understood that this problem can easily get worse, hence the precaution of the staff. Moreover, DiFrancesco expects to be wrong:

Obviously ! I expect to be wrong on this one. I am not familiar with this specific case. I am talking about the different grades linked to this injury. I hope it is a grade 1 and that it will be back on the court very soon.

For now, the exact return of LeBron James is unknown. He is due to return this week, but it would not be surprising to see the Lakers postpone the deadline, despite a difficult context. We will be fixed soon.

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