Earthquake in sight for Joel Embiid and the 76ers?! “They hope he will…”


Once again prematurely eliminated from the playoffs with Philadelphia, Joel Embiid may have it bad. But while the off-season already promises to be turbulent for his franchise, his own case is the subject of a crazy rumor linking him to a cador!

As for several years now, only the conquest of a title would have enabled them not to end the season on a failure. The 76ers, however, failed to achieve their goal, despite the efforts of a Joel Embiid yet crowned MVP a few weeks ago. Released from the Eastern Conference semi-finals, they are now preparing for a summer that promises to be eventful to say the least.

The leaders did not wait very long to upset things within the team. The dismissal of Doc Rivers was thus placed as the first major change made by the front office. Could follow the departure of James Harden, that insiders are bringing closer and closer to a rival team. And yet, this potential scenario might not be the most dramatic for Philadelphia.

Besides Harden, Joel Embiid also leaving the 76ers?!

In full restructuring, the 76ers have already got their hands on a new figurehead for their bench, namely Nick Nurse. The appointment of the ex-coach of Toronto nevertheless worries on the spot, since it generates doubts about its collaboration with Embiid. Could this give rise to departure desires in the big man? In any case, this is what the competition wants, according to Tim MacMahon ofESPN :

According to Tim MacMahon, the New York Knicks are monitoring the situation of Joel Embiid in Philadelphia: “They have not escaped everything that is happening in Philly. They hope that all this will cause chaos in the franchise and that Embiid will end up asking for his transfer. »

Always in search of a superstar to embody their ambitious project, the Knicks therefore cross their fingers concerning the file leading to the Cameroonian.

Unfortunately for them, it’s a safe bet that they won’t be the only ones to set their sights on Embiid in this case. If he were indeed to demand a departure during the offseason, the interior would undoubtedly be among the most coveted players on the market. Many teams should therefore make offers to the Sixers, and potentially make that of New York insufficient to recruit him!

James Harden almost guaranteed to pack up, are the 76ers preparing to lose Joel Embiid in the coming weeks as well? The hypothesis is enough to make all of Philadelphia tremble, but it already seems to be salivating for the Knicks!


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