EA Sports simulated the career of Alexis Lafrenière and all hopes are allowed

Shortly before his draft by the Rangers, Alexis Lafrenière was announced by EA Sports that he would have a score of 82 in the 21 edition of the NHL franchise.

An honorable score for a first choice who has not yet hit the NHL rinks.

While waiting for the return of hockey, we are eating it as best we can and that is why the simulations of EA Sports are entertaining.

The career of Alexis Lafrenière

At 19, the former Rimouski Oceanic is impatiently awaiting his first game in the Rangers uniform at the legendary Madison Square Garden. If it all comes together soon, he could jump on a league rink when he turns 20.

Which would give him plenty of seasons to make his mark.

EA has simulated his entire career in the NHL game machine and the results are astonishing… not to say historic for the young Lafrenière.

Lafrenière, according to the simulation, would play 1,582 games during his career. That is, with an average of 80 games per season, a career of 19 or 20 seasons in the NHL. Yes, it’s a lot, the simulation is generous.

On the other hand, he was given the Calder Trophy in his rookie year, unsurprisingly, but above all, two Stanley Cups.


It comes with a Hart Trophy and a Ted Lindsay Trophy.

His average of more than one point per game would place him in 9th place in history just ahead of Joe Sakic and his career 1641 points.

Let’s say that the comparison is very flattering for the young Lafrenière.

All of this remains speculative, but it’s still encouraging for Rangers supporters.

via EA Sports on Twitter

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