€200 to be won by betting on a Celtics sweep

Betting friends, betting friends, the time has come to get wet. On this Monday, April 25, the tenth day of the Playoffs, the NBA is offering us a very nice program with three high-stakes games on the menu. This gives, as always, many opportunities to double the kiff with a small bet, provided of course that you have a good nose.

Like every year, we will offer you – throughout the season – some advice to guide the more players among you, in the hope that it will be useful to you. The objective is clear: break our partner’s bank BetSport ! But always remember to gamble responsibly, which means only betting money you can afford to lose. Hashtag don’t do the boloss, you know.

Daily odds

  • 01:00: Nets (1.88) – Celtics (2.00)
  • 2 a.m.: Sixers (1.31) – Raptors (3.90)
  • 03:30: Mavericks (1.66) – Jazz (2.35)

For your first bet, up to €150 in free bets to receive!

If you open an account with ParionsSport Online, that you deposit up to €200 there (maximum bonus, with €20 it also works) and that, for example, you play this €200 on our main bet, you can have €400 in your account and therefore have won 200 €, if it goes well of course. And if it doesn’t pass, your deposit will be refunded to you in the form of free bets which will be credited to your account. So ? What does one say ?

The bet that we feel good

The Celtics win at the Nets to complete the series (2.00): In this hyper-awaited confrontation between Brooklyn and Boston, the Celtics are teaching Kevin Durant a little lesson to the gang. And nothing indicates that it will change given the scenario of the series. KD is in the cabbage, the defense of the Greens is devastating, Jayson Tatum is the best player of the lot, and collectively there are several classes of difference between the two teams. To that, you add the return of Robert Williams III on the Boston side, while Ben Simmons is still out on the Brooklyn side. So frankly, with more odds at 2.00, we really want to bet on a nice sweep of the families, even if the Nets will undoubtedly fight with the energy of despair.

The handset to try

Donovan Mitchell scores 25+ points + James Harden scores 20+ points (2.16) : Combined 100% scoring tonight with Donovan Mitchell and James Harden. For the first, we bet on 25 points, total that Spida reached in three of the first four games of the series against Dallas (and 23 in the fourth). As we know, in the Playoffs, Mitchell is more the type to spend the second and given the importance of tonight’s game, we can expect a good offensive performance despite the solidity of the Dallas defense. For the second, we aim less high because we must admit that Harden is no longer really at his best level. However, with Joel Embiid hampered by his thumb, Ramesse will have to move a little more and the 20-point mark is well within reach. Facing the Raptors, the back has exceeded the twenties twice in four games.

A little madness to finish?

The Jazz impose themselves on the floor of the Mavericks (2.35): 2-2 ball in the middle. Tonight, Dallas and Utah will play a crucial Game 5 in Texas. The series is super tight and seems to be able to swing from one side to the other. The return of Luka Doncic obviously brings a boost to the Mavericks but the Jazz have the momentum after snatching Game 4 at home on a Mitchell – Gobert alley-oop. Can this epic finish carry Utah to an away win tonight? Frankly, why not.

That’s all for today. Hopefully these tips will bear fruit. See you tomorrow at the banker for the opening of the PEL.

The odds offered in this article are likely to go up or down between the time these lines are written and the time they are read. We therefore give this advice as an indication and subject to the odds being always available, without ever guaranteeing the result (no, we are not yet guessers).

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