E-sport with the ASPTT during the February holidays

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Between a passion for video games and the risk of a sedentary lifestyle, the ASPTT offers a mixed, practical and e-sport football course.

What could be more tempting than to start your vacation by mixing your passion for football and that of video games, by participating in a Fifa tournament on X-box with a start of practice on the ground. We presented Enzo Martinez’s initiative last summer, an initiative that won over the municipality. Enzo Martinez had joined the panel of summer activities set up during the summer holidays, on the banks of the Tarn. With his baccalaureate, and training in his pocket, Enzo is now an e-Sports coach. And it is from his own physical letting go that he moved and undertook for himself and others, this playful approach which leads smoothly from e-Sport to sport. In turn, the Albi-Marssac Tarn football Asptt club was seduced, and allowed it to offer its activity to over 14s, boys or girls, during school holidays.

Workshop on March 1 and 2

This two-day course will take place from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday March 1 and Wednesday March 2, at the Asptt facilities at 26, avenue de Saint-Juéry. Price for two days: €60, lunch included. The number of places is limited to 32. Registrants will be divided into two groups, alternating on console and on the field. This course aims to draw the attention of parents and teenagers to the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, the interest of practicing a real sport in the field while making real friends. The interests of nutrition and socialization will find their full expression here. Two-on-two console matches. Thanks to his experience, the speaker will be able to explain, better than others, how this approach has transformed him. The trainees will also be entitled to numerous prizes.

Registration by telephone with Axelle on 06 02 32 70 70 or Enzo 06 35 16 48 99 during office hours.

To draw the attention of parents and adolescents to the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

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