Dyson would develop robots capable of performing our household chores

HELPING HAND – In a video, the English firm reveals robots in the process of vacuuming cushions, storing plates or even bringing a cup of coffee

Sweeping, repairing, cleaning, vacuuming… Will our daily household chores soon be done by robots? Yes, according to the latest information fromEngadget relayed by Capital. Dyson would thus have created an entire division within his company to develop prototypes of robots intended to perform these different tasks. On Wednesday, the English firm published a video explaining part of this project still considered « top secret ».

700 specialized engineers wanted

In these images, we can see a robot in the process of putting away plates while another brings a cup of coffee, puts away a doll or even vacuums the cushions of a sofa while mapping it. « Does that mean I’ll never find crisps on my couch again? » jokes Jake Dyson while chatting with an engineer.

With the aim of going even further in this area, Dyson is currently researching(…) Read more at 20minutes

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