Dwyane Wade shoots a misconception on LeBron James

Monument of the orange ball, LeBron logically attracts rumors and theories of all kinds. However, that does not mean that they are all true… Dwyane Wade himself clearly refuted one of them not long ago, giving insights into the personality of the quadruple champion.

Among the great criticisms of the haters of Lebron james, we find in particular the accusation according to which he could not disregard what is said about him. The Laker would be too inclined to respond to people who question him, unlike other legends of the game who would ignore it. This argument is particularly used when it comes to deciding the GOAT debate between him and Michael Jordan.

However, some remain firm in their desire to support the King, including in this approach. This is particularly the case of Dwyane Wade, who fiercely defended the latter during his visit to the Rich Eisen Show. For the former Heat player, the point is, LeBron isn’t « too sensitive » – ​​he just reacts naturally, like any human being. No more no less.

Dwyane Wade: « LeBron remains a human, he has feelings too »

We all care what people say about us, you know. People think that because he’s so big and so strong, he shouldn’t care what people say, but we do. He’s not a robot, I know he can look like it at times, but he’s still a human first and foremost.

Longtime friends after being drafted together in 2003, Flash and James have also played together twice, in Miami (2010-2014) then Cleveland for a few months. The rear is therefore perfectly placed to talk about his former teammate, and raises an important point: NBA athletes may seem to live in a parallel universe, they remain people like us.

Because of this, it seems normal that someone like LeBron wants to assert their position when it comes under attack, especially in an era when everything goes very fast on social media. However, we should hear it less and less over the coming weeks. The quadruple MVP tends to cut himself off from the world as the playoffs approach, and with the difficulties the Lakers are currently going through, it could be beneficial.

The King remains a human being, and you can hardly blame him for not appreciating the incessant criticism. Unfortunately for him, this is not likely to end anytime soon, given the horde of detractors he has at his disposal.

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