Dwyane Wade: « Michael Jordan will be forgotten »

If he still serves as the best player in history for most observers, Michael Jordan sees his GOAT title being increasingly questioned by the new generation. A normal path for Dwyane Wade, who even delivered a shocking opinion… for now at least.

It has been almost 25 years since Michael jordan planted his last shot with a Bulls jersey on his back during the 1998 Finals, and almost 20 years since he hung up his sneakers for good after his return to the Wizards. Yet His Airness retains a great aura, and remains the greatest player to ever touch a basketball for the majority of the public.

However, the years go by, and this hegemony could be brought to decrease, or even to disappear altogether! If it seems crazy to imagine such an evolution at this stage, a certain Dwyane Wade is convinced that this is exactly what will happen. This is what he explained to the microphone of the podcast « Armchair Expert »

Michael Jordan forgotten in the future? Dwyane Wade’s prediction

That’s what’s going to happen, yes. Obviously, I want to say. These debates on GOAT, these names that are currently being thrown around, they are bound to disappear because the game continues to evolve. We will continue to see things that we have never seen before. And the people watching are going to be younger and younger. It’s the new generation that will arrive, and they will forget Jordan as we forgot Kareem.

Flash’s point of view is interesting. Abdul-Jabbar has indeed long been considered the GOAT because of his unique CV in history, but Michael Jordan dislodged him in the eyes of an overwhelming part of the following generations. A comparable phenomenon begins to be observed with Lebron james, which many millennial fans (but not that) consider the GOAT, and the trend does appear to be set to continue.

In 2040 or 2050, young people born 15 or 20 years before will probably be rocked to the exploits of new players, and the Jordans and others, stars of the twentieth century, will be similar to pre-history for them. It is interesting to note that the main stakeholders themselves are often fatalistic about this observation. Larry bird, for example, already explained in his time that he knew he would be « driven » from his GOATesque posture by the weight of the years.

If D-Wade’s logic is followed, it could therefore be that within 2 to 3 generations of fans, Michael Jordan will be perceived as Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain or even Bill Russell: an excellent, historic player, having accomplished big things … but in an era deemed dated and different, what the current evolution of the NBA with the emphasis on the 3 points should only amplify.

Michael Jordan no longer considered the GOAT by fans? This is the opinion of Dwyane Wade, which is clearly relevant even if it shocks at the moment T. After all, no one can fight against the passage of time …

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