Dwyane Wade caught in a galley against Rudy Gobert!

Rudy Gobert a despite being an excellent player, he cannot be compared to Dwyane Wade, one of the best full backs of all time. However, during the Jazz training camp, the pivot was caught in the process of gaining the upper hand over D-Wade in a very surprising area! Excellent news for the rest of his career.

In the NBA, it’s not uncommon to see legends return to their franchise of hearts after retirement to take on a leadership role. Magic Johnson, for example, spent time in offices in Los Angeles, when Michael jordan is the owner of the Hornets, his native North Carolina franchise. And when we know the importance of Dwyane Wade in the history of the Heat, we could have expected a quick comeback …

But unlike Manu Ginobili, who has signed up with Spurs for the coming season, which earned him a huge tackle from Gregg Popovich, Flash decided to leave Florida for the mountains of Salt Lake City. He is now a minority shareholder of Jazz and he swears only by this prestigious franchise.

The proof, during his vacation in Paris, he immediately thought of sending a message to his player Rudy Gobert ! He also appears regularly with Utah clothes, and proof of his attachment to the franchise and to the players, he invited himself to training camp to prepare for the new season. D-Wade has also embarked on a 3-point contest with the French pivot and Hassan Whiteside, and he was in great difficulty.

On the first spot, Dwyane Wade won in a very limited way on the score of 5-4-4, then a little more easily 5-3-2 on the other corner. The question now is whether he was very clumsy behind the 3-point line, which is not his specialty, or if he simply had to face the new Splash Brothers … In any case, if Rudy Gobert is skilful, he will be able to pass a course by sanctioning at long distance!

Rudy Gobert held high for Dwyane Wade in a 3-point contest, which is interesting for the coming season. He could become a whole other gamer by dismissing the game from time to time!

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