Dwight Howard: « The NBA wants to sideline me »

Dwight Howard is rarely the last to express his displeasure, especially when it comes to claiming that he is not being given due recognition. Recently, he once again tackled the list of the league’s top 75 all-time players, which he was snubbed. Clearly, the Laker still has a lot to say.

If he does not play a lot in Los Angeles (13 minutes on average in 2021-22, for 5 points and 5 rebounds on average), Dwight Howard still regularly finds a way to make the news. The pivot is indeed very vocal in the press, not hesitating to drop a few shock punchlines. In particular, he estimated that he was underpaid by 400%, there is little! Suffice to say that he does not lack confidence, given his role.

However, if there is one subject that particularly annoys him, it is his absence from the Top 75 all-time published by the NBA. Author of a big career, D12 believes that he should have been included and had already posted a short but bloody message on this subject. More recently, he decided to speak at length about it, during an interview with GQ. And we can feel how much this snob has hurt inside:

Howard: « The NBA is trying to sideline me »

I think what I have done in my career, it is impossible that it will not be recognized. It was annoying, at first, to be snubbed out of the top 75. I felt like I wasn’t going to be there because I felt the NBA was trying to sideline me. People think I’m trying to blame the NBA for some things, but I look at how some things have gone in my career and know some of these things are not my fault. Look at the analytics of my last seasons, I have excellent stats. And as soon as I get traded, stories come out that I’m cancerous in the locker room. How does it come out? Looks like someone wants to lower my value.

I have been in the league for a long time. I’ve had an impact on every team I’ve been in, on and off the pitch, and it has never been recognized. So, I thought it was a little crazy, but I told myself that it is like that, I am not seen at my fair value. I told my friends and people I am close to that I was going to start working harder and finding other ways to send positive messages to people.

For the trouble, we can understand the frustration of the pivot, which still has a hell of a track record. In addition to his ring obtained in the 2019-20 season, Howard also has three league best defenseman titles, tied with Rudy Gobert. Add to that several top rebounder and blocker accolades over a season as well as over 14,000 career catches, and you have a very serious candidate for the Hall of Fame. It would therefore deserve quite a figure in the 75.

Sadly, the fact that he has long dragged a reputation as a bad teammate has certainly done him a disservice, although his more recent years tend to show that he has totally changed his attitude. The fact that his stats are now far from the enormous domination he exercised during his time at the Magic (18 points, 13 rebounds and 2 blocks on average between 2005 and 2012) does not help either, he who continues now short contracts as a replacement. What make him lose a lot of prestige in the eyes of some, rightly or wrongly.

That Dwight Howard considers himself to be one of the Top 75 in NBA history is not incongruous, when you consider what he has accomplished during his career. Be reassured, he should still make his entry into the Hall of Fame in Canton, once he retires.

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