Dwayne Bacon, NBA to Monaco: ‘I don’t see this as a step backwards’

After the NBA and the G-League, Dwayne Bacon (1.98 m, 26 years old) is living his first season in Europe, in Monaco. Monaco Hebdo asked him if he considers that this is not a step backwards for him:

“I’m lucky enough to be able to play, so I always see it in a positive light. I rather saw as a step back the fact of passing from Orlando, with 72 games played, to the Knicks and not playing at all. It’s always a step forward when you have the opportunity to play, do what I love, and show off my talents. It’s to be on the field that we play this game. To be able to show, not only to the fans, but to the whole world what I can do. That was the whole point for me. From the NBA to the Euroleague, there’s big talent on both sides. A lot of people say the Euroleague is just one floor below the NBA. It is the best league in the world right after the NBA. I’m lucky to be able to show myself, and help this team reach the final stages. I don’t see this as a step backwards. »

Another question: how did he experience his first season in the Euroleague, and what are the notable differences with the NBA?

“It’s two ways to play basketball, with a few different rules, like being able to kick the ball out of the circle when it’s on it. Little things like that. The level of talent is barely below in the Euroleague, with plenty of players who could play in the NBA. It’s a very talented league, with a very tough defense. Here you can stay in the line on defense. To be honest when I came here I was a bit nervous as it was something new. Everyone told me, you can’t do the same things as in the NBA. But I like challenges, and that motivated me even more. That’s why I was able to play so well. Whatever my trajectory, I will continue to build on it. My first year in the Euroleague was good, we were only one game away from the Final Four… Seeing these guys play yesterday [l’Olympiakos — NDLR] was hard. In the end, it’s just the beginning for me. »

Photo: Euroleague

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