Dwane Casey trusts Pistons’ long-term plan | NBA


The clash between two of the league’s dunces is scheduled for the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The Pistons visit the Rockets with, like the Texans, a very small victory on the clock. This unique success has slipped between heavy defeats, eight in total so far.

This disastrous start to the season, with certainly an unclear schedule (double confrontation against the Bulls, the Sixers and the Nets), is not surprising given the youth of the workforce. Four of the five holders are in fact between 20 and 22 years old. A rejuvenation assumed to allow these players, from Cade Cunningham to Killian Hayes, via Saddiq Bey or Isaiah Stewart, to develop.

 » It wouldn’t be a rebuild if we had experienced full-backs and wingers, develops Dwane Casey, in particular with reference to Jerami Grant, who lacks consistency so far. These are the guys we’re building with, these are the cornerstones for now. « 

If the former Nuggets winger, the team’s top scorer with only 16.6 points on average, logically has the biggest playing time, Saddiq Bey is also mobilized for nearly 33 minutes. Cade Cunningham plays a handful less, while Killian Hayes and Isaiah Stewart have about 24 minutes each night.

Look for small « victories »

The coach of the Pistons already warns that his young people will continue to have substantial minutes. On the other hand, give more responsibility to these veterans? Bad idea, because  » two or three years later you look around and these guys won’t have gained experience « . So too bad if the victories are not there today, as long as the group tries to move in the right direction. A strategy similar to that of the Magic Thunder or the Rockets.

 » Success may not translate into victories but you can win by improving defensively or offensively or by improving group bonds., thus displays Dwane Casey. If we progress in all areas, victory will follow naturally. « 

The coach, who has not known the playoffs since 2019 thus recommends “ let grow »His young shoots.  » If there comes a point where we see that they are not progressing then we will have to make adjustments, but for these nine games that is the plan to build with this group. », Notes the coach. And the latter concludes:  » We’re here for the long haul, that’s the plan. « 

Jerami grant833.038.328.680.
Saddiq Bey932.838.828.864.
Kelly Olynyk922.746.031.463.
Cade Cunningham427.623.214.392.
Josh jackson922.541.428.
Trey lyles915.739.630.879.
Isaiah stewart ii923.856.916.760.
Cory joseph921.041.231.682.
Frank jackson918.736.423.
Killian Hayes824.631.038.1100.
Hamidou Diallo612.841.725.0100.
Luka Garza57.941.733.380.
Saben lee46.825.
Jamorko pickett32.9100.0100.
Rodney Mcgruder54.720.


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