During the Finals, the strong message sent by a superstar to Brittney Griner!

NBA Brittney Griner arrested in Russia

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This Thursday, the eyes of the basketball world were riveted on the Chase Center in San Francisco for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Adam Silver was well aware of this, so he managed to pass a big message to Brittney Griner, still locked up in Russia.

For days to come, the NBA will rule the world of sports. While the major football competitions are over, the NFL is in the middle of the offseason and the MLB is still in the regular season, these Finals between the Warriors and the Celtics are the major event for all sports lovers. And the show is also at the rendezvous on the ground with Boston’s huge Game 1 display !

But for years, the league has taken on a role much more important than that of a simple sports organization. In the bubble, the players had for example the possibility of carrying strong political messages on the back of their jerseys, so for these Finals, Adam Silver wanted to take up this idea and send a huge message to Brittney Griner, still detained in Russia. He offered himself the services of a superstar.

Carmelo Anthony sends message of support to Brittney Griner

I’m Carmelo Anthony, and I want to take the time to talk about our friend Brittney Griner. 105 days… Brittney Griner has been unjustly detained in Russia for 105 days. She’s a WNBA player, Olympic champion, teammate, sister, daughter, wife. He’s a human being, and she needs to go home.

During the Finals, when all basketball fans’ eyes were on the Chase Center, the NBA and ESPN have decided to strike a blow by broadcasting this message from Carmelo Anthony, living legend in the league. He also knows the inmate well, with whom he shared several Olympic adventures with Team USA. On the sidelines of this message, reassuring news was delivered in the file:

Brittney Griner was able to receive emails and letters from other WNBA players, thanks to an account created by her agent, to allow them to communicate with her. The emails are printed and given sporadically to Griner after being checked and cleared by the Russian authorities.

We thought she was totally cut off from the world in her cell, but the Russian authorities allow Brittney Griner to communicate with the outside world, and in particular her teammates and friends in the WNBA, even if the exchanges are censored. If this will never replace freedom, these correspondences must be good for his morale and to keep hope, which is not negligible in this situation.

Brittney Griner receives letters in prison, so she is not totally cut off from the world and she feels the support of an entire league, an entire country behind her. It’s a good way for her to keep hope, while waiting for her release.

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