Duel: Samuel Eto’o vs Didier Drogba, who is the stronger? The statistics will surprise you

Judge a player like Didier Drogba just on his stats is not to understand why Chelsea have had such success with him. Of course, in his heyday he was one of the most formidable attackers of the modern era, but it was also his psychological impact that made a lot of defenses bend before a match even started.

Arsenal knows it well. The inability of Gunners to resist Didier Drogba had become almost accepted by everyone, including d’Arsène Wenger. Drogba is a force of nature. He intimidated and infuriated his opponents, especially with his devastating finishing power. Some defenders were never able to do anything about it. It’s not the same for Samuel Eto’o.

Drogba has been selected in nine major Cup finals for Chelsea. He scored in eight of them. And that’s not to mention his performance in the Semi-finals where he shone again. Call it “unplayable”, as José did Mourinho, Frank Lampard and others, still seems to be the only appropriate adjective.

Numbers and trophies cannot completely contextualize this comparison. Recently, goal statistics can be used to influence the argument forEto’o, but there is no numerical value to estimate personality, no percentage ratio to define influence.

Drogba has been, is, an ambassador for African football, and his legacy in his country will resonate for years to come.
In almost every category where we compare Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba, the Cameroonian arrives on your mind.

Eto’o won more trophies and lifted the Champions League three times with two different clubs. Drogba only won a European Cup. Eto’o is also set to become the first to win Europe’s three most prestigious championships, the Premier League, the Series A and the Liga.

At the International scale, Eto’o pocketed two African Cup of Nations and an Olympic title. Despite being a key member of the “Golden Generation » of the Ivory Coast, with the Touré brothers, Drogba never lifted trophies with the Elephants.

Eto’o has played a decisive role in all of his team’s successes and has proven throughout his career that he is a key player on big occasions. He has found the net in so many important matches that it is impossible to list them all. As for example in two Champions League finals, the gold medal match at the Olympics in 2000, and for Mallorca and Inter in the Copa del Rey and Italian Cup finals.

It is no coincidence that he has been named African player of the year on four occasions, twice as much as for Drogba. This is the definitive proof that Samuel Eto’o is Africa’s greatest striker of all time.

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